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Carbon water filter - 15 pieces of  GAC Granular with Coconut Shell Carbon Cartridge 2-7/8" x 20" Water Filters, 20" housing.

15 pcs GAC Granular Coconut Shell Carbon Cartridge 2-7/8" x 20" Water Filters

$ 99.00

15 pcs GAC Granular Coconut Shell Carbon Cartridge 2-7/8" x 20" Water Filters

 20""x2.5"" 4,000 Gal GAC Coconut Shell Filter

  • 20" X 2.5" Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge w/Polypropylene Sediment Filtration Pads at each end
  • Premium Quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon cartridge is often used for Reverse Osmosis prefiltration & many other filtration applications.
  • Carbon filtration is excellent for removal of Chlorine, Bad Taste, Odor & Color and can be effective for removal of many chemical contaminants.
  • This cartridge fits in Heavy Duty 20" Housings
  • To keep your filter system operating efficiently, replace this cartridge as needed and on a regular basis. This can be 6-12 months for many residential applications.
  • Before putting a new cartridge in service, pass 3-5 gallons of water through to waste to flush out carbon fines.
  • Water flows from bottom to top with rubber gasket on top. Each cartridge is marked with an arrow to indicate flow path.


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We are committed to bringing you the best water system you can buy at the most competitive prices. We have years of experience crafting our solutions for specific water sources in California. Our whole house water systems is designed to give you the best water quality from every faucet in your home.
Setting ourselves apart from the competition, we use a three stage water system to clean, soften, and purify your water. A whole house filter, softener, and a reverse osmosis system. Our products are highly efficient, requiring very little maintenance, and come with lifetime technical support.
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